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  • Medieval

    A fold out 'wallet' using thick crushed 'leather look' handmade paper, with ribbon and wax seal detail. The invitation is printed onto a separate DL card or sheet of paper. Invitation comes with matching DL envelope The invitation can be adapted by changing the wax seal motif, the ribbon can be changed to any colour, perhaps even a velvet ribbon or even lace would work well.
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  • Black & White Floral Square

    Double sided printed square pearly white card stock, with handmade pink card sandwiched in-between. With a matching pink handmade paper square envelope (size: 14 x 14cm) This invitation can easily be adapted to your colour scheme, by changing the floral pattern, to anything of your chosing. I can print whatever you like. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours for the envelope and matching accent colour card. The format can also be changed to DL if you prefer
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  • Beaded Suncatcher

    A string or ribbon of beads interspersed with double sided cards, with the invitation wording printed on them. The 'suncatcher' or string of beads and cards is packaged into a matching box or tin. Please note: This is a very labour intensive design, which is reflected in the price. Not for the budget conscious bride!
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  • Rustic Beach

    Double or Single sided colour printed DL card with a jute twine and cowrie shell detail. I used a rustic handmade paper DL envelope with this one. I also added a personal touch to the invitation by taking a photo of their names drawn in the sand at the beach.
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  • Message-in-a-bottle

    Invitation wording printed onto paper, rolled up and put into a corked glass bottle, with sea sand and shells. The bottle can be packaged in an organza bag, or a box.
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  • Discs-in-a-tin

    Double sided printed card discs, strung together on a ribbon, inside a round tin (size: 74 x 60mm)
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